Swing Boy is a platformer that takes swinging to a new level. Use your grappling hook to navigate your way out of the sewers and back to the surface. What has changed since you were gone? What is left?



Walking: Arrow keys or WASD
Jump: Up arrow
Grapple gun: Spacebar
Adjust rope length: Arrow keys

Xbox Controller

Walking: Left joystick
Jump: A button
Grapple gun: Left trigger
Adjust rope length: Right joystick

Music by: Septyrikon + Vista-Sound13 + recme

If you are getting low FPS playing in the browser, try disabling lighting FX in the settings. For best experience, play the downloadable version for your platform.

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, Cute, Difficult, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


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Looks good

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Nice game and is very easy ,I like ze music  o wo)b

U m m m i think imma try speedrun this 


Congrats!! :D If you do try to speedrun it, please share the video here. Would love to see. :)

Thanks lad ,sure thing mate . w.)b


am i the only person that hears that dead boiiiii meme when i pick up a coin?

Haha, link please? I don't know this one





You can't scare me, I know most of you are not ghosts!


Played a few levels of this game (downloaded it) and I am really glad it saves your progress so I can continue later (you would be surprised how many games I have played that just didn't bother with that) and it's actually a pretty fun game! I see potential here.

 If you are willing to take some suggestions, I wouldn't mind seeing keyboard control and volume configuration implemented at some point, and maybe allow the mouse to select options in the menus. Overall though this is a fun little game in my opinion!

Thanks for playing. Those are good suggestions.
Volume configuration / keyboard control are both things that will likely be added in future. 
The mouse for menus is of less importance to me personally (controller support) so probably won't prioritize this.
Thanks for the feedback.

Hi Bobbert, we really enjoyed playing this--we'd love to license it on our site, Coolmath Games. If you're interested, please email us at games@coolmath.com. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Hi Coolmath Games, thank you for the offer. However, I would prefer not to do this at this time.

if only the fps wouldnt go to shit when moving faster...

so when i start to circle swing at a decent speed, it suddenly starts to lag, causing me to obviously not press buttons with good timing which slows it down again....

making it so i cant have him go full speed basically cause of lag :-/

That's too bad, are you playing in the browser or downloaded version? I hope you will try it again in the future. The next update will feature the ability to disable lighting effects for better performance.

browser, might try the standalone version though.
yeah, in the level where it first tells you to circle wing, I jsut cant get up to the top left cause as soon as I reach proper speeds, only every 4th or so frame is visible. might be just my shiet internet connection though :-)


I always download games if possible because I don't want to have to worry about my internet connection slowing things down.

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lol I like how the music in the background is fresh from Friday night funkin


really fun game, too bad i couldn't get past some parts


Made a review for your game as requested

Thanks for the in-depth review. You made some very good points in your video that I believe will help the game become better. I'm glad you had some fun with it. :) 

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I liked the Pixel Art style and the lighting that is done on the characters. He has just enough difficulty pulling his hair but it is not possible. I will play it more calmly again. As an improvement I would make the floor slip a little less. I leave my gameplay.

Thanks a lot for playing! :)


I love grappling games. The player controls felt a bit slippery and hard to control for me. That was fine-in air but a bit hard on the ground. I get that you want hang-time, but the jump was pretty floaty. Being able to fire the grappling hook in more than one direction would be nice, but these are smaller nit-picks. The controls take a while to get used to, and the pixel sizes on the art are inconsistent, which is a bit of a pet peeve for me. However, based on (failed) experience, I know for a fact that grappling hooks are very hard to code, especially the momentum. This is a pretty good game, but some room for improvement. Good job yellowbyte!

Thanks for the feedback, the game is still in dev so I'm open to making a few changes to player movement if I think they'll improve the experience. This is my first pixel art game so still getting used to this style. I've put off using the 'pixel perfect' camera but might make the switch. As for shooting the grappling hook different directions, not sure how to do this in a way that wouldn't overcomplicate the controls. Don't want user to need the mouse to play. 

Thanks again for the feedback. ๐Ÿ™‚


Nice SFX and music, smooth player movements, and I liked the mechanics of the game! Also, the grappling hook was quite hard to use (at least for me)!
- Maybe, I shouldn't be able to move on the locked levels from the level selector 


Thanks for playing, yeah the grappling takes some getting used to, but it's more rewarding once you get the HANG of it. :) 

Level selection screen is temporary, but good point. :) 



Deleted post

YO! just played your game kinda hard for me but I enjoyed it . I also made a video on it here;

Hope you see it <3

Hahaha, that was awesome! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I really liked the way this was edited, very funny. "I'm not learn boy, I'm swing boy!" Thanks for playing. ๐Ÿ˜

I'm glad you enjoyed it 


very cool game 

That rope does not obey the laws of physics.

Laws were made to be broken. ๐Ÿ˜Š


Am I the only one that noticed one of the dad's songs from friday night funkin was playing here?

Good ear! :) It's actually a remixed version by recme on Newgrounds. But the music is placeholder while the game is in development. :)


Very fun game, it took a bit of training to get speed but after that I felt like Tarzan :)


Thanks, yeah I need to work on ramping up the difficulty more gradually. Glad you had fun! :)


Hi, I saw your comment the other day and decided to make a video about the game :D

Pretty hard for me haha as I'm tooooooo bad at this kind of games haha, but despite of that I really enjoyed the gameplay mechanics and the challenge that it throws at the player :D

Thank you! I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I really enjoyed watching you die! :D I think a death counter is needed. :)


You are welcome hahhahahhahaa I'm happy you enjoyed watching the video hahaha :D

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ok play ... good and hard

Cool video, thanks for playing! :)

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funny project ... i like play 2d retro . but fans retro psx creepy :D

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Really cool game! Took me sometime to beat and get all the coins!
Not sure if final letter was  y or V so

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That was fast, congratulations! :D If you let me know your Steam name I can gift you your PRIZE! You can post it here or DM me on twitter @yellowbytegames. Thanks for playing. :) 

Sure! Was kinda scared that I couldn't do it but it was very fun in the end :D
My steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/danlexro/


pretty good I enjoyed it.  hard enough too.  I just learned about Line Renderers, distance joint and hinge joints a couple of days ago.  so this was awesome


A- In the first leve

Nice job!


Made a video


Very cool vid! Thanks guys. Will check out "The Sock Epic" too! :)


Happy you enjoyed the video and The Sock Epic was another short game that might be expanded later.


this game is amazing ngl best html5 game i've seen so far


COOL! love it. Suggestion instead of grappling just up why not add a mouse feature that lets the player use the hook shoot by following the mouse

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Impressive game! ๐Ÿ˜

  • Add bouncy stuff 
  • Some kind of ceiling monsters that disable your grappling gun when they are being touched
  • Some use of the pistol
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